What Is Connect?

The Connect website makes it easy for Iraqi citizens to report public interest problems to their government from a computer or smartphone.

You can submit problems or questions about policy to Connect, including the problem's location and category, using our report form. Connect sends your report to your MP so s/he can follow up with the ministry responsible for fixing it.

Your report is also public on Connect, so anyone can see past and current reports, leave updates, or subscribe to alerts about the reports.

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How Do I Use Connect?

Using our report form:

pencil and paper icon

Provide a brief summary and location of the problem you're reporting.

education and medical icons

Choose a category related to the problem (for example, education, safety, healthcare, etc.).

at symbol

Provide your email address so a representative can contact you about your report.

After submitting your problem, you will receive an email with a link to track your report.

Why Should I Use Connect?

Connect is a simple way to report a public interest problem or ask a question and receive an quick response from your MP’s office.

It gives Iraqi citizens a direct line of communication to their government for expressing grievances and making inquiries.

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